Trust Actuarial
Unbiased advice
Free from the pressure to sell other services clients can be assured advice is independent and unbiased. The normal areas covered are benefit design, funding, generic investment issues, corporate transactions and pension accounting.
There is no desire to maximise short term benefits to TrustActuarial, but on the contrary to be in the relationship with our clients for the long haul. There is total focus on understanding our clients' needs using the skill of listening; needs are then fulfilled in the most cost effective way.
Creative problem solving is our speciality fuelled by commonsense and pragmatism. Ideas, concepts and solutions are communicated in concise Plain English. Clients are empowered to make their own decisions in light of the facts and the circumstances of each case and we show no fear in expressing our opinions as a reference point.
We pride ourselves in being proactive so if circumstances change we prompt our clients to re-evaluate. Our clients receive attention, care and continuity of personnel.
The typical process is to present all the options and any necessary background to the issues. We then prompt discussions to aid in depth understanding and generate a firm recommendation. Our clients are empowered to make their own informed decisions, or often they choose to rely on the judgement of the actuary.
Core Belief
We have a core belief that actuarial services and pension consultancy should be supplied by different firms. The Pensions Regulator warns trustees they need assurance that risks associated with lack of segregation of duties are adequately controlled and managed.